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Because putting your face on something is funny...

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Available in five colors and sizes

Our socks are 200 needle knit with reinforced toe and heel to keep up with your busy lifestyle in style and comfort.

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Every pair unique
Hand-crafted with love.

Know a face that wants to become famous? Put your best funny face on our awesome products and show it to the world.

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You Customize Socks, Pick your favourite color, our artists produce custom design

Delivered straight to your door. Get your custom product delivered home.

We print your personalized socks to your specification.


“The image on the mug came out in great quality. Hilarious!” Olivia, Texas

“These blue socks are my favourite and the face print looks great” Abigail, Chicago

“My mug arrived perfectly on time and fortunately my boyfriend found it as funny as I did!” Emma, California